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Honestly, I'm just looking for something to distract me from homework. Haha, I'm just a 16 year old. Ya know?
B-day: June 24th!
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Okay wait. Let me just say some stuff. I met Grace at Vidcon and she was seriously the nicest person ever. She fucking let me put her on my back for Christ sakes. SHE EVEN PICKED ME UP. (bitch is strong apparently).
She also had 3 extra impromptu meetups (that I remember…there could’ve been more) outside of her two official scheduled ones. I honestly can’t name one other YouTuber at Vidcon who did that.
And…Grace “I hate human contact” Helbig - hugged me on three separate occasions ALL OF WHICH WERE INITIATED BY THE QUEEN HERSELF.
So before you go saying “Grace doesn’t care about her audience” first of all step back because I will defend her at all costs. Second, pretty sure all of her itsGrace videos are centered around an idea from her audience or comments from them. THIRD, meet Grace in person (if possible) and tell me she doesn’t care about us.
Plus, if Grace didn’t care about her audience she would be long gone from the internet by now. Trust me, the woman is a comedic genius and could be doing much better things than YouTube.
Damn, I was trying to ignore this blog at all costs but this “confession” really pissed me off. *mic drop*



This just goes to show that Grace and the girls see EVERYTHING, so before you start talking shit about them A). Don’t tag them and… B). Please remember that they are human and despite having millions of positive supporters, negativity can still be hurtful. Also, hey Grace, stalking my blog I see. 

I’m gonna keep on reblogging this everytime an additional comment is added. Sorry not sorry.